TouchPath’s consultants are uniquely qualified to help your organization implement the solution(s) that will increase the efficiency and performance of your operations. From initial assessment through implementation, we ensure that the solutions you have chosen provide you with the competitive advantage you seek. In addition, our consultants are experts on ensuring the correct RF devices, whether it’s barcode, RFID, Mobile, or PLC integration along with label/tag selection, will work in your environment. We are a full service solution provider, with over 15 years of consulting and implementation experience, so we know how to get the job done.

Site Evaluation

It is important to develop a detailed project plan design in the early stages to ensure expectations are clearly defined. A Site Evaluation is a ...more »


TouchPath's consultants can quickly implement the ...more »

Custom Process Design

Along with our core set of solutions, a TouchPath consultant can build and deploy custom solutions that match the unique needs of customers and their ...more »


TouchPath’s implementation staff works closely with your personnel so training begins during the installation of the solution and continues throughout the implementation process. We utilize ...more »