Custom Process Design

Along with our core set of solutions, a TouchPath consultant can build and deploy custom solutions that match the unique needs of customers and their specific operations. Using the TouchPath Design-Time tool, highly tailored solutions can be rapidly developed and deployed in hours or days, not weeks and months. In many cases, because of the development tool’s flexibility, and our pre-developed processes, a custom tailored solution can be built and deployed more cost effectively than others can customize their standard packages.

Manufacturing and distribution centers today are looking for ways to streamline and standardize their operations.  One of the best ways they can do this is by implementing and keeping their ERP system vanilla.  The primary buyer of an ERP system typically works in the directory of finance for a company.  So while the ERP may have a great financial module, it could be lacking in all the specific business processes required for a manufacturer’s production floor.   The more cost effective alternative is to perform these customizations outside the ERP, in the shop floor data collection or WMS software.

Some examples of the custom solutions we have developed for our customers include WIP tracking, custom Pick/Put Away rules, automated shipping processes, customized compliance workflow, and integrations into legacy, third party, and proprietary MES and WMS systems.

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