TouchERP for Sales

Harness the power of a real-time mobile sales order app to close more deals.

TouchPath Software’s TouchERP for Sales is the first in a series of mobile apps built utilizing the TouchPath Mobile Platform for BPCS/ERPLX system users. Developed for both iOS and Android devices, TouchERP for Sales boosts ordering speed, reduces errors and enables your sales force to provide greater customer service, directly impacting your bottom line.

Smartphone to ERP Ordering

TouchERP for Sales gives your sales professionals a fast and efficient way to place customers’ orders that’s easy to use and available anytime, anywhere. Using a smartphone or tablet, TouchERP for Sales empowers sales professionals to securely place orders directly into BPCS/ERPLX using each customer’s specific configured pricing. They can also verify pricing, access order histories, check product availability, view order status, and review sales performance against goals.

Works Even If You’re Offline

Touch ERP for Sales is always working even when your connection isn’t. Online and offline mode allows sales professionals to store data and access important information from anywhere, and at anytime, on their own smartphone or tablet. Sales, order history, product and customer info are all just a touch away. Information is secure through local storage on your device and syncs with your ERP when the connection is restored.

Enterprise Grade Mobile Platform

TouchPath’ mobile platform’s robust integration capabilities and enterprise-level standards puts the power of the ERP in the palm of your hand. Leveraging the smartphone and tablet’s capabilities provides ease of use and an intuitive workflow. Through an authorized secure User Log-In, TouchERP mobile apps connect directly to your ERP system. Mobile access to real-time information results in more accurate decision making, quicker response times, reduced errors, and greater customer satisfaction.

No Infor Upgrade Required

Think you have to upgrade your Infor ERP to benefit from implementing smartphone mobile apps? TouchERP for Sales is the only mobile app that allows Infor BPCS and ERPLX users to access real-time ERP data and execute orders on their smartphone without having to upgrade to Infor10 or move to another ERP system. TouchERP for Sales is compatible with BPCS versions 6.0 and later and ERPLX version 8.2 to latest release.

Contact us now to discuss how TouchERP for Sales (BPCS/ERPLX) will create a more effective sales force, deepen customer relationships and drive sales growth for your organization.

If your organization has an inside sales or customer service department that needs a user friendly, intuitive, browser based sales order application, take a look at Sales Visibility for BPCS/ERPLX.

TouchERP puts the power of ERP in the palm of your hand.