Integrations / Adapters

TouchPath supports multiple data message formats which allows us to rapidly and flexibly integrate with third party and legacy systems:

  • XML, JSON, Pipe delimited, ODBC, flat file, MQSeries, iSeries Data Queues, TCP/IP, UDP
  • Web Services Support (auto format of SOAP messages)
  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • BAPI (SAP)
  • COM Object Support
  • LDAP Support (Lightweight Data Access Protocol)
  • eMail Operations


TouchPath’s iEnabler, formerly known as Application Integration Enabler (AIE), is TouchPath’s product for integrating ERP or other applications running on an IBM i server (formerly known as AS/400) seamlessly with ToucPath’s  solutions as well as other 3rd party or legacy solutions.

iEnabler provides the configuration and administration framework for the TouchPath iServ for Infor ERP LX/BPCS (formerly AFB) and MAPICS/Infor XA applications.

iServ Adapter

The iServ Adapter facilitates posting data into the BPCS/ERP-LX ERP system and runs natively on the IBM i server platform. It leverages the high speed framework of our TouchPath adapter technology (Application Integration Enabler–AIE) and bundles super fast posting programs that utilize the existing BPCS/ERP-LX capabilities. Our iServ Adapter supports several versions of BPCS/ERP-LX including: 4.05CD, 6.x, 8.x and ERP LX. It consists of a series of RPG ILE programs that either wrapper existing BPCS/ERP-LX posting programs or interface directly with BPCS/ERP-LX to provide information related to Inventory, Labor, and Order Management activities.

The iServ Adapter is built upon the AIE platform. AIE is a message-oriented framework that sends and receives messages via a variety of optional methods including Websphere MQ queues and IBM i server data queues. This approach provides a stable and complete method of asynchronous and synchronous communication enabling support for both real time solutions, as well as, batch-based systems. For data synchronization, AIE provides an optional database trigger processor that allows the definition of triggers on the server’s native database that can be messaged to any external environment. This is usually used for event notification or data replication applications. AIE works natively with the IBM i server platform and the DB2 database.

Order Entry Adapter

The Order Entry Adapter reads XML documents created by TouchPath and generates new customer orders in BPCS/ERP-LX running on an IBM i server. Various applicable promotions, with special pricing, are also created in BPCS/ERP-LX.

The TouchSales solution offers the front-end entry and validation for Sales Order and Quote creation that feeds the Order Entry Adapter software. TouchSales features a full set of Sales Inquiries such as AR information, Item Availability, order status and Customer information.

OE Adapter button3

Shop Order Adapter

Create a Shop Order on the fly!

TouchPath’s Shop Order Adapter, “SO Adapter” automates the creation, updating, validation, and closing of Shop Orders in Infor’s ERP LX/BPCS environment that runs on an IBM i server.  The SO Adapter installs as an Environment Job with the iServ Adapter for ERP LX/BPCS (formerly known as, Adapter for BPCS) within TouchPath’s suite of middleware and data collection software.

Shop Order Adapter for BPCS-ERPLX

SAP Adapter

TouchPath extends the Auto Identification and mobility capabilities of SAP utilizing the proven TouchPath solution that currently drives thousands of mobile business processes around the world. TouchPath’s SAP Adapter includes access to SAP’s .Net connector in TouchInventory’s version 5.6.  This opens up the full range of SAP BAPIs (Business Application Program Interface) , RFC (remote function calls) and IDocs (Intermediate Documents).  Business processes are developed using TouchPath’s Design-Time graphical modeling interface and linked to SAP interfaces for data posting and retrieval.  Existing TouchPath’ or TouchPath customers that migrate to SAP, protect their investment and can maintain their current data collection environment by utilizing the data mapping and posting transactions created within the TouchPath platform.

MAPICS / Infor XA Adapter

The MAPICS/Infor XA Adapter facilitates posting data into the MAPICS/Infor XA ERP system and provides bi-directional standard documents (pipe-delimited messages) to and from MAPICS/Infor XA .  The MAPICS/Infor XA Adapter posting program supports Inventory Transactions created through TouchPath software. The generic inventory posting program receives OFFTRN records from TouchPath and creates records in the OFFTRN file to be processed by MAPICS/Infor XA .

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