Design & Development Tool

For organizations that want to develop their own solutions for their specific processes, TouchPath’s TransitionWorks Design-Time (DT) tool is an optionally licensed product. DT puts the power of developing transactions in your hands and provides a business analyst/developer with the tools necessary to design, draw, debug and deploy business processes. While this approach does not work for some companies, those that do have the time and resources to commit can gain tremendous benefits. By using a common development platform, data collection transactions are easier to scale and support. Also, when internal resources develop and deploy processes there’s greater control and more positive acceptance response across the entire enterprise.

 Touchpath's Transitionworks design-time (DT) licensed product

Everything the developer needs to create business process applications to be executed with TouchPath’s TransitionWorks Run-Time (RT) engine is readily accessible via a series of tool bars and palates. From user and device profiles to nearly 100 pre-configured business operations for dragging and dropping into a business flow, DT shortens development time from months to days. Additionally, DT provides a comprehensive debugging capability that supplies the developer with greater visibility and maintainability of the process and data flow during execution. This eliminates the guess work and hours of frustration during the debugging process.

Design-Time allows the business analyst/developer to focus on the required business process flow and appropriate validation without being concerned with user interface form factors, device communications or application integration methods as the platform abstracts the business process from these typical difficulties. At the same time the developer has the flexibility to create and insert separate presentation layers and style sheets for use on different devices without having to alter the business logic of the application. This capability provides the developer with a genuine ergonomic deployment of application to device for the most efficient use in the field.

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