Be Prepared: New Evacuation Solution Helps Businesses Cope with Hurricane Sandy

Facility Evacuation


TouchPath Software’s Facility Evacuation and Visitor Tracking System Reduces Risk of Injury and Loss of Life in an Emergency

Greensboro, NC – November 1, 2012 – TouchPath Software ( has developed a new evacuation management system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. By providing employees, contractors, and visitors with active RFID badges and installing RFID readers at exits, entrances, and muster points , businesses can more accurately and efficiently account for the location of people in the case of an emergency.

Hurricane Sandy is raising awareness of the need to effectively manage evacuations during a natural disaster. With large areas of the Northeast currently in a state of emergency, businesses are seeking ways to know their employees are safe and accounted for. Having an RFID enabled evacuation management system in place allows first responders and evacuation managers to know who is in the building at any given time and where they are located, down to a particular room. This prevents first responders from wasting precious time at a moment when every minute counts.

“Without an automated tracking method in place, personnel are largely guided by their own memory and observation of who arrived at a given muster point and who remains unaccounted for,” said Debbie Shropshire a member of the implementation team at TouchPath Software. “An RFID evacuation management system can literally save lives during an emergency.”

TouchPath recently implemented this system at a county correctional facility to keep track of visitors, volunteers and contractors. “Even though the facility is starting small by implementing a solution to track visitors and contractors to ensure their safety, it builds a foundation to expand the solution and its technology,” says Shropshire.  RFID evacuation management systems, in combination with effective leadership and advanced planning, can go a long way in preventing injuries and fatalities during a disaster.

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About TouchPath
TouchPath is a leading provider of data collection solutions. The TouchPath Facility Evacuation Solution gives institutions, like jails and detention centers, the ability to automatically track personnel, visitors, contractors, and volunteers. In an emergency scenario, facilities can quickly provide first responders with accurate data on the location of individuals in the building, minimizing the risk of severe injury or loss of life. The TouchPath solution also provides an added measure of security for correctional facilities, lending a higher standard of control over occupants and equipment.

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