Manufacturing Execution System

TouchPath augments WMS with manufacturing execution systems. TouchMES delivers real-time information, supports lean concepts on your plant floor – including waste reduction – and maximizes the existing investment in your ERP.

TouchPath: the bespoke solution to your specific problem

TouchMES makes it easy for users and management to access accurate, real time information about the status of work conducted on the plant floor. With TouchMES you can display and manipulate real-time schedules on the shop floor, including jobs scheduled by machine, and record and analyse downtime and waste.

Unique in its ability to identify, collect, analyse and enable comments on downtime incidents, TouchMES monitors your PLCs and other devices, allowing users to link each incident to a predefined and pre-built reason code.

Why TouchMES?

TouchMES software is designed to support the creation of a paperless shop floor. It eliminates the need to publish, distribute, and track shop floor packets and supports Kanban manufacturing.

TouchMES produces real-time and historical dashboards that enable you to update man, machine and job status activities within the ERP. The interface connects automatically to your control systems, scales and quality gauges.

With TouchMES you can save time looking for data and make strategic decisions based on your actual production status. You also gain immediate access to key performance indicators – including downtime, waste and efficiencies. TouchMES sends data to your ERP system or other appropriate systems (i.e. your quality control system) for increased efficiencies.

TouchMES status information includes:

  • Real time dashboards
  • Production status screens
  • Employee status
  • Efficiency and productivity reporting
  • Online schedule by work centre
  • WIP inventory location and availability

TouchMES updates your ERP with production, scrap, and material issue transactions as well as recording direct and indirect labor. Display schedules, parts lists, and other ERP-sourced information to management and the shop floor user with ease.


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TouchMES – made to measure

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