TouchPath’s TouchSales software gives access to vital customer information, like previous sales, order history and product availability, together with the ability to create orders from anywhere at anytime.

With an intuitive user interface, TouchSales puts ERP-LX/BPCS functionality directly into the hands of your field sales representatives and customer service professionals.  Utilizing ERP-LX/BPCS configured pricing, placing a Sales Order and viewing Account Receivables are all available in real-time.

Why TouchSales?

Unlike a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, TouchSales does not track sales opportunities.

Instead, the software has full access to your BPCS/ERPLX system, which reduces order errors, increases sales force productivity, and provides greater customer service.

Empower your inside sales team and customer service personnel to place orders quickly and easily, using any device that has an internet browser connection.

Use TouchSales as a customer portal, to authorise your customers to submit their own sales order requests with ease.

Securely place sales orders directly into BPCS/ERPLX, in real-time, utilising each customer’s specific BPCS/ERPLX configured pricing.

TouchERP for Sales mobile app is available for on-the-go sales execution with an iPhone or iPad.

In combination, these applications meet all the needs of your field sales and customer service teams.

TouchSales functionality

TouchSales allows your sales team and call center to place orders quickly and easily.

The bespoke solution to your specific problem

Using any device that has an internet browser connection, (including mobile smart phones) TouchSales ensures your sales orders are securely placed directly into BPCS/ERP-LX.

The TouchSales administrator can activate registered users, provide customer assignment, and authorise each user’s specific menu options.

Using BPCS/ERP-LX configured pricing, you can place a sales order and view account receivables when connected to the ERP.

TouchSales functionality includes:

Standard Transactions

  • Sales order creation
  • Order/quote inquiry
  • Sales history
  • Open AR inquiry
  • Item availability
  • Item catalogue
  • Invoice/payment details
  • Sales order modifications
  • Order and line item notes
  • Sales goal and attainment

More benefits

TouchSales arms your sales teams with real-time customer and order information, wherever they are. This results in a range of significant benefits:

  • Real-time BPCS/ERP-LX generated customer pricing
  • Real-time sales team order placement
  • Real-time customer service representative order placement and editing
  • Significant time reduction in order validation and creation
  • Accurate visibility of your sales order history
  • Access to view assigned customer portfolios
  • Optional customer order portal providing customers with secure order placement, order status, and AR info
  • Overall improved customer service

TouchSales delivers business benefits to you and your customers in a short period. It can be integrated into your business operation within hours, not weeks and months.

TouchSales gives sales teams continued access to powerful customer information at all times. It allows sales management staff to see that sales visits are being made and relieves production staff of the need to respond to customer calls seeking information on the status of their order.

Download our TouchSales PDF

Touch ERP for Sales

TouchERP for Sales boosts ordering speed, reduces errors and enables your sales force to provide greater customer service in a way that directly impacts on your bottom line.

TouchERP for Sales harnesses the power of real-time sales order mobile application so that you can close more deals with ease.
The first in a series of mobile apps built using the TouchPath Mobile Platform for BPCS/ERPLX system users – TouchERP for Sales is for use with iOS smartphones and tablets.

Why TouchERP for Sales?

TouchERP for Sales gives your sales professionals a fast and efficient way to place customer orders. It’s easy to use and is available anytime, anywhere.

The application empowers sales professionals to place orders directly into BPCS/ERPLX on their smartphone or tablet, using each customer’s specific configured pricing.

TouchERP for Sales makes it easy for your sales teams to:

  • Verify pricing
  • Access order histories
  • Check product availability
  • View order statuses
  • Access outstanding AR
  • Review sales performance against goals

Works on and offline for ease and peace of mind

TouchERP for Sales works, even when your wifi is not connected. The application’s online and offline modes allow your sales team to store data and access information from anywhere, at any time, on their iOS smartphones or tablets.

Sales, order histories, product and customer information, are all available at the touch of a button. Information is secured through local storage on your device and syncs with your ERP once the wif reconnects.

Experience an enterprise grade mobile platform
TouchPath’s mobile platform’s robust integration capabilities and enterprise-level standards put the power of the ERP in the palm of your hand.

Leverage the capacity of your smartphone or tablet for ease of use and an intuitive workflow.

Through an authorised and secure user login, TouchERP mobile apps connect directly to your ERP system.

Mobile access to real-time information results in more accurate decision making, faster response times, reduced errors, and greater customer satisfaction.

No Infor upgrade required

TouchERP for Sales is the only mobile app that allows Infor BPCS and ERPLX users to access real-time ERP data and execute orders on their smartphone, without having to upgrade to Infor10 or move to another ERP system.

TouchERP for Sales is compatible with BPCS versions 6.0 and later and with ERPLX version 8.2 to latest release.

Create a more efficient sales force, deepen your customer relationships and drive sales growth for your organisation with TouchERP for Sales for BPCS/ERPLX, the user-friendly, intuitive, browser-based sales order application.

Download our TouchERP for Sales PDF

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