Distribution Centers

TouchPath for distribution centers

The focus of any distribution center is the provision of fast, accurate and exceptional customer service, either to internal company divisions – or external customers, including retailers, wholesalers, or consumers.


Why TouchPath?

TouchPath developed TouchWMS to manage the entire order processing and fulfillment cycle in distribution centers, improving customer service levels and invoice cycles through real-time operational visibility.

TouchWMS functionality includes:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Guided putaway
  • Task management
  • Stock allocation (FIFO, FEFO, optimised picks)
  • Lot control
  • Wave (bulk) picking
  • Single order picking
  • Multi-zone picking
  • Pick/pack
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Load management
  • Multi-lingual dispatch notes
  • Shipping pallet labels
  • Automated end-of-day consignment details to carrier(s)

Save time – and money

TouchWMS reduces administrative tasks, makes warehouse processes more efficient and allows for immediate invoicing. It integrates fully with ERP systems, including SAP, M3, ERPLX, MAPICS, Oracle, and MS Dynamics and can either provide real-time connectivity across your business or operate as a stand-alone system.

TouchPath’s expertise in warehousing and manufacturing extends to automation systems integration within the high-velocity operations of a distribution center. The TouchWMS software can link to your weigh scales, PLCs and automated material handling systems.

TouchPath for distribution centers

TouchPath understands that customer requirements drive the business operations of distribution centers. As the principal link between suppliers and customers, your management team must understand the needs of your customer and the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet those needs.

Customers who have implemented a TouchWMS system in their business report both higher levels of customer satisfaction and greater cost control.