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TouchPath for the food and beverage industry

TouchPath understands that companies operating in the food and beverage industry face increasing demands to comply with FDA, USDA and Homeland Security legislation.

The serial codes and lot numbers used by the food and beverage industry ensure product traceability and protect consumers from exposure to potentially harmful goods.  Without lot codes or other production identification, a manufacturer would have no way of telling “good” product from “bad,” should a product recall occur, forcing the company to recall ALL product in the market.

Why TouchPath?

In a distribution center or warehouse setting, serial codes and lot numbers identify individual food and beverage products and establish their status.

TouchWMS is an inventory tracking software that validates lot status, lead times, and informs personnel which lot should be consumed first and which ones are on hold.

Alerts can be activated to notify supervisors by e-mail or text message when users are not complying with lot rules.

Save time – and money

TouchWMS facilitates the  efficient tracking of serial and lot numbers. Throughout the product lifecycle, accurate and timely information is being captured, so that in the event of a product recall…

TouchWMS makes it easy to:

  • Access vendor details
  • Trace production lots
  • View shipping information

TouchWMS software is an effective defence against the expense of a full product recall, limiting your exposure and minimising your costs.

“After evaluating several solutions Southeastern Mills, Inc. decided on TouchPath. TouchPath’s powerful suite of products and its expert developers were key to achieving what Southeastern Mills has called a successful project.”

Greg Fullbright

Manager of Business Systems, Southeastern Mills, Inc.

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