TouchAsset makes it easy to record your machinery as an asset and support its operation at maximum efficiency.

The bespoke solution to your specific problem

Plan for regular preventative machinery maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, with TouchAsset’s clear notification reminders issued via the application screen, email or SMS text message.

Unplanned maintenance for repairs can also be created within the TouchAsset calendar and scheduled on demand with ease.

Why Mobile EAM Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance technicians are often on the move and need quick access to information about assets and equipment repairs but carrying around a clipboard with a stack of paper work orders is no longer a viable option. Boost productivity and fully utilize the resources dedicated to asset management by implementing barcode and/or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to mobilize your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software.

TouchPath offers automated data collection capabilities to extend the functionality of your EAM (or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)) systems, providing greater visibility of your assets and the maintenance of those assets, while reducing data entry time and errors.

TouchAsset functionality includes:

  • Print instructions and parts lists on all work orders and reduce the risk of installation errors to support your maintenance technicians
  • Track parts used and inventory availability with minimum re-order limits to reduce the risk of out-of-stock situations
  • Use history reports to review completed maintenance and identify outstanding work
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TouchPath works closely with you to meet your specific needs and develop and grow with your business.

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