Inventory Mgmt with Lot Control Case Study – Food Ind Mfg


TransitionWorks Software’s Inventory Visibility enables a food industry manufacturer to accurately manage their inventory, to obtain accurate inventory counts, perform lot traceability audits for customers, track inventory on pallets, and relieve raw materials based on data from PLC’ s. In addition, Inventory V isibility has automated manual processes such as purchase order receiving and labeling, collec tion of Bio-Terrorism data required Homeland Security, distribution of samples, production reporting, and scrap reporting.

From its start as a flour mill, this manufacturer produces food coatings, marinades, specialty mixes to seasonings; whose complete line of ingredien t solutions positioned them at the forefront of the food industry . Today, food processors, foodservice companies and consumers alike are dependent on their great flavor , consistent quality and outstanding value.


The manufacturer required Inventory tracking integrated with their ERP to update real-time inventory transactions as they were performed by manufacturing personnel. Also, one of their primary concerns was Lot Control allowing for traceability of the lot movements from the purchase point, to shop order creation and shipments to the customer. Mixing of multiple lots of material during the manufacturing process had to be tracked to the finished goods for a systematic lot recall.


The company already had in place two different manufacturing control systems to manage the combining of major ingredients during the mixing pro cess. TransitionWorks Inventory Visibility Express solution interfaced with these systems to track the exact amounts of material consumed during a specific time period and maintained theoretical lots even though multiple lots may be in specific bins. This process provides accurate and automated lot traceability, ingredient consumption, loss measurement and automated production reporting of machine and labor times, gain ing better management of true production efficiency and shift reporting accuracy.

Production receiving is now pallet by pallet. This provides real-time reporting of events as they occur and more accurate inventory reporting as both the receipt and inventory put away are reported. Labels are applied by automatic print an d apply processes, making the process easier and more accurate. Users record data by Shop Order and/or shift and can see production variances in real-time, helping to prevent errors before they become major problems.

“While these types of projects can be challenging,” the VP of Information Services stated, “We found TransitionWorks to be a great partner for us. Their software is proven and flexible, their people are knowledgeable and responsive and their approach is direct and practical.”


Improved efficiencies and accuracies by capturing data in real-time, provided the needed visibility into the business allowing the company to make split second decisions on how to best serve their customers.

“The company’s controller commented, “We’ve taken our lot recall process from hours to minutes by accurately tracking our inventory. We now have the ability to capture real time accurate data to give us a more detailed view of our processes.”

All inventories are recorded at the pallet level greatly enhancing inventory reporting. The forklift operator scans a pallet or pallets performing inventory functions. Inventory Visibility Express handles the inventory transactions in the background updating data in real-time whether the pallet ha s one item or a thousand items, allowing the users to quickly scan and move on to the next task. A complete history is maintained giving the users a complete life cycle of the product reporting each time a pallet is modified, moved or consumed indicating who and when the work was performed. Portable WiFi thermal printers allowed the forklift drivers to quickly print or reprint labels to apply to the pallets.


Document your processes and look for the major process improvements that are needed, the smaller process improvements will occur naturally .

Obtaining an accurate inventory before implementation prevents questions later.

A smooth Go-Live was the result of these two items:

  • Testing, testing, testing. Prevent issues before they occur.
  • Training, training, training. Conduct multiple hands-on sessions with real life “what if” scenarios.

“Integration into the ERP and the ability to operate when the iSeries is unavailable were two critical requirements, and both were achieved painlessly.”


TransitionWorks Software delivers innovative solutions that allow warehouse, field service, and sales operations to capture critical information, improve visibility of assets, processes and orders, and interact with their company’ s ERP system in real-time wherever they are. Using the latest smartphone, RFID, PLC, biometric, barcode and cloud technologies, TransitionWorks’ platform is transforming hundreds of customer operations in over 20 countries across the globe. By radically simplifying processes and then putting the latest information in the hands of front-line personnel at all times, its customers make bette r decisions, reduce inventory levels, lower operating costs and generate higher returns.


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