Site Evaluation

With over 30 years’ experience in warehousing and manufacturing, our consultants know which questions to ask to understand how TouchPath solutions can help to improve the efficiency of both your operations and your business.

Your project plan

The first step in our working process is the development of a detailed project plan design. The time spent in completing this step ensures that we can outline and define your expectations with you.

To design your project plan, we’ll conduct a full site evaluation, which enables us to:

  • Understand your current processes
  • Understand your current project goals
  • Collect the information we need to understand your specific needs
  • Determine the most efficient method to achieve your project goals

Site evaluation

The next steps in designing your project plan are:

1. We’ll meet with your management/project team
2. We’ll walk your facility to understand your current processes and procedures
3. We’ll discuss your management’s expectations and outline our recommendations for each of your business process/areas affected
4. We’ll uncover any additional areas where automating manual processes would increase your productivity
5. We’ll identify your electrical, network, and WiFi connectivity requirements
6. We’ll determine the method(s) of data collection and corresponding RF hardware devices
7. We’ll discuss go-live expectations, timelines, and milestones
8. We’ll answer any remaining questions
9. Once the site evaluation is complete, our consulting and R&D teams will review their findings and create your project plan or Design Detail Specification document.

Next steps

Your project’s Detail Design Specification document will list each business process involved and the exact steps we’ll take to automate and integrate that process into your environment.
It includes all phases of the project, from start to completion.

Your Detail Design Specification document includes:

  • Business process modifications (if required)
  • User testing
  • Systems stress testing
  • “Train the trainer” education and training
  • User guides
  • Configuration of RF devices
  • Go-live and post-go-live support

We’ll present your Detail Design Specification document to your management team for final approval before we begin its implementation.

Getting started

To get your project started, we will:

1. Ask your management team to review and confirm the project plan outlined in the Detail Design Specification document. This confirmation period allows for any questions and changes to be discussed and finalised.
2. Identify and map out project milestones so we can assess the quantified measurements we need to achieve during the implementation process.
3. If required, we can revise the Detail Design Specification document and submit a final version for your approval.

TouchPath has over 30 years’ experience in warehousing and manufacturing. Our experience shows us that our full site evaluation, with its preparatory processes and methodology, ensures a successful implementation into your business.