• Unique ‘TouchCount’ system maintains a current and accurate, 360 degree view of warehouse inventory
  • Live-counts inventory with zero disruption to warehouse product flows – unlike most ERP system cycle counts
  • Easy to use and customizable for company-specific working practices
  • Records inventory count information from all types of data capture scanning device
  • Integrates with and can post cycle count results to all leading ERP systems
  • System user trials have been positive
  • Pays for itself within the first year!

Why TouchCount?

TouchCount is an everyday, continuous cycle count system that can be used to keep a current and accurate, 360-degree view of warehouse inventory. TouchCount is the first of its kind. It can be integrated with and post cycle count results to most ERP systems, recording cycle count data from all types of warehouse data capture devices. Importantly TouchCount can live-count inventory with no production stoppages and with zero disruption to live warehouse product flows, unlike ERP systems whose inventory cycle counting is limited by more restrictive system rules.

TouchCount can be customized to support company-specific working practices and so is easy for warehouse operatives to use following minimal training. It runs on an existing browser so is quick to install, integrated or standalone.

TouchCount can pay for itself within the first year through time savings and continuity of service, which has already successfully tested the system in a series of supply chain operations.

“TouchCount is a game changer for logistics and manufacturing warehouse operations everywhere.  It changes the way warehouse inventory is managed and sets new global standards in speed and efficiency for the industry.


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TouchCount - Made to Measure

TouchPath’s system technology captures more information for better business performance and faster ROI. Its unique custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems use building blocks that allow TouchPath software to be fully tailored with no limits, in line with user-defined business rules and processes, at a lower price and with faster deployment, according to the company.

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