TouchPath for the automotive industry

TouchPath knows that a major issue that automotive companies face is the need to ensure product quality to avoid costly recalls and that, in the event of a recall, it’s important to act as quickly and precisely as possible.

We also understand that plant machine maintenance, including the issue of replacement parts and the performance of regularly scheduled maintenance tasks, both keep automotive equipment operating efficiently and prolong equipment life.

Why TouchPath?

TouchPath is committed to providing automotive shop floor solutions to automate shipping and receiving processes, including the tracking and controlling of inventory, product identification and WIP (Work in Process).

TouchPath software supports 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID, PLC, and sensor communications.

RFID for the automotive industry

TouchPath understands that in the automotive industry, RFID technology is replacing barcode data collection. We can encode RFID tags with information that tracks the date and point of manufacture, serial number, warranty information, service history, and other pertinent information for any product.

Save time - and money

With RFID technology it’s easy to identify shipping locations, verify defects limited to specific lot numbers and check faults resulting from the supplier’s raw material. Each of these elements provides accurate traceability, safeguarding your business and limiting recall costs.

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