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TouchPath for Consumer Packaged Goods

TouchPath understands that access to accurate information is essential to achieving overall performance and bottom line goals. It also results in improvements to operations planning.

That’s why TouchInventory, our inventory management system, provides real-time visibility throughout your order fulfilment cycle

TouchInventory updates your systems automatically as production work is performed and collects production information directly from the shop floor in real-time.

Why TouchInventory?

TouchInventory gives you peace of mind that the base information you use for forecasting future capabilities and measuring actual performance is sound, which means there are no discrepancies between planning expectations and actual performance.

It also enables you to make directives using current information, resulting in:

  • More accurate decision-making
  • Greater reaction time
  • The reduction of costly errors


Increase accuracy – and reduce stress

Increased monitoring of the workplace and control of production activity means a reduction in the risk of failing to meet expected plans. It also removes the need for corrective action and the associated stresses.

TouchPath for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry

Consumer packaged goods customers expect their suppliers to be able to answer questions concerning item availability, order status, and shipment information.

TouchInventory enables manufacturers to exchange accurate forecast and replenishment data with their retail customers.

It also gives consumer goods manufacturers a unique way to leverage their relationships with their trading partners and allows for trusting relationships to be established and nurtured.

"With this technology, we not only capture inventory in real-time, but validate on the RF devices and track inventory movements as they occur by the plant and warehouse employees."

Mark Pettigrew

IT Project Manager, Huhtamaki Americas

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