TouchAsset enables you to automatically track any manufacturing or distribution equipment with automated processes that will save you time and money.

TouchAsset provides customers the flexibility to use the appropriate technology or combinations of technology such as RFID (active and passive) and barcodes to best meet your requirement, at the lowest cost.

Why TouchAsset?

TouchAsset allows you to enter, capture, and cleanse data at the point of business activity, updating all relevant systems in real-time. The time saved results in tangible cost savings.

TouchAsset asset tracking helps you locate, track, monitor and improve the use and maintenance of your assets. It captures the tag data from radio frequency identification tags (RFID) or bar codes, consolidating the information into easy-to-view reports. TouchAsset also provides a variety of alerts to members of staff via email or text messages and connects to your other software systems.

With TouchAsset you gain the flexibility to use the technology or combinations of technology that meets your needs at the lowest cost, such as RFID (active and passive) and barcodes.

TouchPath offers several different asset tracking software packages, depending on the capabilities and type of functions you need.

Fixed Asset Tracker - Fast, stress-free physical audits

Fixed asset basic
Suitable for all sizes of warehouse facility, Fixed Asset Basic enables you to validate, track and audit your assets, including furniture and computer equipment, with ease.

Fixed Asset Basic uses bar code and RFID asset-tracking technology to physically label or tag, assign, check-in or out and conduct a physical audit of your assets and integrates smoothly with any necessary company systems

Fixed Asset Basic is a low cost, reliable and time-saving way to carry out traditionally manual processes like audits.

Fixed Asset Advanced

Fixed Asset Advanced uses passive RFID technology and enables mobile scanners to detect all tagged assets in a particular area, without the need to find and scan each item individually.

Fixed Asset Advanced is proven to be more than six times more efficient than bar coding.

TouchPath can install both Fixed Asset Basic and Fixed Asset Advanced into your business in a matter of days.

Portal Tracker

Portal Tracker dramatically improves your ability to control, protect and preserve the value of all critical assets.

RFID monitoring at portal locations such as doorways, hallways, entrances and exits enables you to track those higher value assets (equipment, artwork, critical documents/files, vehicles, tools, instruments) that can be moved with ease between locations.

Portal Tracker automatically identifies and records tagged assets as they are moved in and out of selected portal(s).

The system can be configured to send alerts as and when specified events occur, for example when a tagged asset leaves a secure area.

Zone Tracker

Zone Tracker monitors any equipment that is checked-in or out of a secure storage area. It remotely monitors inventory levels of equipment across multiple storage zones and various facilities.

With real-time monitoring, Zone Tracker makes it easy to locate items, indicate which assets are present and record when individual items enter or exit.

Zone Tracker enables more efficient use of your equipment between facilities.

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What People are Saying

"Our number one goal was to know where our assets are at all times,” stated the Finance Manager. “We no longer are down on the production floor trying to find an asset or determine if it’s been moved to another production line. The time savings have been incredible.”

Cecil Ponder

Continental Tire

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