Paper and Packaging

TouchPath for the paper and packaging industry

Businesses in the paper and packaging industry have struggled in recent years due to bankruptcies, reduced demand, and depressed market prices.

As the economy recovers, companies who have successfully managed their inventory levels are beginning to see increased shipments and positive gross margins.

Why TouchPath?

TouchPath understands that for companies in the paper and packaging industry, inventory data is mission critical. It must be collected quickly, reliably, and accurately.

Save time and money

TouchPath has developed a complete, scalable, data collection application that marries the flow of two of the most critical items for paper and packaging companies: material and data.

A configurable inventory management system, TouchInventory tracks all forms of inventory, from raw materials to WIP to finished goods to shipments.

TouchInventory empowers plant floor workers to transact with back office systems in a secure, easy to use system that enables:

  • Barcode labelling and RFID tagging of incoming materials to streamline downstream material handling and manufacturing processes.
  • Real-time production reporting and component material consumption giving an up-to-the-minute picture of raw material needs, WIP component availability and finished goods available for shipment.
  • The ability to prioritize shipments, consolidate LTL shipments, assign order picking and loading tasks to shipping personnel and to view the status of work assignments in real-time.
  • The ability to generate customer or re-supply orders on the fly for “as-loaded” outbound trailers expediting the fulfillment of critical customer needs (even on back shifts when customer service representatives may be unavailable).

TouchPath for the paper and packaging industry

TouchInventory functionality includes:

  • Reduced inventory errors
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Reduced high inventory carrying costs
  • Greater visibility throughout the entire order fulfillment cycle
  • Eliminated paperwork
  • Improved shipping performance

"With this technology, we not only capture inventory in real-time, but validate on the RF devices and track inventory movements as they occur by the plant and warehouse employees."

Mark Pettigrew

IT Project Manager, Huhtamaki Americas