Custom process design

Does your business have a specific requirement?

In addition to our core solutions, TouchPath consultants can build and deploy WMS software to meet the unique needs and specific operations of your business.

With the TouchPath DesignTime tool, we’ll work to develop a solution that we can deploy into your business in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks and months.

Flexible software, rapid installation

TouchPath software is modular and uniquely flexible in meeting the operational needs of your business. This, combined with our pre-developed processes, means that in many cases we can custom build a solution for you, which is often a more cost-effective option than customising a standard, off-the-shelf solution from another provider.

Specific support, cost-effective operations

In most businesses, the decision as to which ERP system a company selects to streamline and standardise its operations lies with the finance director who bases the decision on the financial modules available.

However, our experience tells us that ERPs chosen on this basis can lack the specific business processes needed for a company’s production floor.

A more cost-effective option is to perform the required customisations outside the ERP, either in the shop floor data collection or within the WMS software.

Customised for efficiency

Custom solution options include:

  • WIP tracking
  • Custom pick/put away rules
  • Automated shipping processes
  • Customised compliance workflow
  • Integrations into legacy, third party, and proprietary MES and WMS systems