Mobile Platform

Real-time data at your fingertips

The TouchPath mobile platform brings all the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop to your ERP system.

It supports a wide variety of mobile apps to meet your particular needs within the industrial manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Cost effective operation

Mobile apps are a cost effective and efficient solution when used in specific business areas and are ideal for sales, field and machine service, maintenance, and CRM.

No wifi? No problem

Mobile apps used by industrial mobile computers use a store and forward mode to enable the collection of data in remote locations.

Collected data is automatically uploaded to the back office system once wifi connectivity is available.

Decision-making fuelled by accurate data

TouchPath mobile apps connect your employees with vital information that is typically only available within the ERP system.

TouchMobile gives you access to real-time information, which means:

  • Decision-making is more accurate
  • Response times increase
  • Errors reduce
  • Customer satisfaction increases

The power of ERP in the palm of your hand

Your productivity will increase due to users entering data into the mobile app without the need for re-keying and directly updating entries securely into your ERP, or your chosen back-office system, within seconds.

With TouchPath, syncing to your ERP can be performed at any time, from anywhere, even when using a smartphone or tablet.