The Advantages of RFID Tags


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification refers to devices that are attached to objects that store and transmit data to an RFID receiver. They are used in many different ways and can be read through other materials.

There are several advantages to using the RFIDs.

They are used in many different industries for example they can be attached to a car during production and track it through to completion. Some pets have these types of tag injected into them in case of loss or if they are stolen and Pharmaceuticals (or any products) can be tracked through shipping by RFID.  An RFID tag is often used often in lieu of bar codes because they are more reliable and they can be scanned without human intervention.

First, they are able to hold more data than bar codes and they can come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They can be the size of postage stamp, while they are capable of holding more data it is important to remember that it costs more to put more data on them. They do not require a line-of-sight reading meaning they can be read through other materials unlike a bar code, which is scanned in sight. These types of labels are sometimes called smart labels because they can be small devices inserted into a label on a package. They are versatile and can be changed to pass through specific operations.

RDIF tags can be sealed within plastic so they are more durable than bar codes, which can be damaged, by chemicals, heat, dirt, or abrasions. You can read a lot of them at once whereas bar codes are scanned one at a time only.

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