TouchPath Extends its TouchWMS System with Power-Picking Control Centre

Press Release
  • First-customer testing reveals pick productivity increases of 50%
  • Powerful management tool assigns picks and pickers
  • Does away with pick notes: assigned picks presented to users on-screen
  • Tracks pick status in real-time
  • Measures picker performance, by individual and by team

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath  is extending its ‘TouchWMS’ warehouse management system with the addition of a “power picking” Control Centre, TouchPath announced today. The first TouchWMS Control Centre user – a major international components manufacturer with regional Europe distribution sites and a global supply network – reports early pick productivity increases of up to 50% as a result.

The TouchWMS Control Centre is a management tool that enables specific picks to be assigned to specific pickers. It removes the need for pick notes by presenting assigned picks to warehouse operatives on-screen via mobile terminals, then tracks the status of each pick in real-time, measuring picker performance by individual and by team.

TouchPath adopts a tailored approach to user needs. “You set the rules and we build your WMS around them – one that fits your needs and conforms to your business. TouchPath uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customised solution at an off-the-shelf price. Control Centre is our most powerful WMS module to date” says TouchPath International CEO David Myers.

TouchWMS is multi-lingual and currently supports 11 languages. It has the functionality to support the full range of warehouse processes, from goods receipt, guided put-away, task management, stock allocation and multi-zone wave picking, single order pick and pack or bulk order picking. Other processes that can be supported include automatic replenishment, load management, the generation of multi-lingual dispatch notes, and pallet manifests and integration with several carrier consignment systems.

TouchWMS can run stand-alone or integrated with all mainstream ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems.

TouchPath systems’ technology captures more supply chain information for better business performance and faster ROI. Its unique custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems use building blocks that allow TouchPath software to be fully tailored with no limits, in line with user-defined business rules and processes, at a lower price and with faster deployment, according to the company.

TouchPath has operations in the UK (Halifax HX1 5ER) and the USA (High Point, NC 27265) and is actively seeking partners in Asia.

About TouchPath

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In the warehouse, distribution center, or on the manufacturing shop floor, TouchPath’s solutions streamline your processes and operations.  With a single touch, you can capture essential shop floor data, manage warehouse processes and better control your inventory and assets. We believe “one size does not fit all”, which is why we deliver custom off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that support your operations, apply your rules and speak your language.  In fact, all our solutions are multi-lingual enabling a standard corporate solution to be rolled out globally with no program changes.  With TouchPath, you will make better decisions, gain efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line.

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