TouchPath Launches TouchSales Customer Ordering Portal

ERP Integrations

TouchPath Launches TouchSales Customer Ordering Portal

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching ‘TouchSales,’ a web-based customer ordering portal designed for remote, COVID-19-driven working. The online portal integrates with BPCS/ERP-LX and enables customers to place their orders and manage their business relationship with an industry or commerce supplier from any location quickly, accurately and securely.

The TouchSales portal is open 24/7, runs in real time and has a user friendly interface.  The portal allows customers to input their own orders directly it gives them online access to their individual accounts history and to customized product and pricing information from the supplier’s back office system. For TouchSales users the portal will replace email, phone or fax orders which need to be manually entered to the ERP. TouchSales reduces order and related fulfillment errors by a minimum of 50%. TouchSales can also be used by field sales and call center sales people to enter sales orders remotely. They can access back office information via the same portal including sales history, accounts receivable, product data and pricing.

“We are re-defining customer service for the new business climate” said David Myers, CEO of TouchPath International. “TouchSales not only enables new, more flexible ways of working in today’s COVID-19-driven business environment – it actually raises sales and purchase order processing standards, saving time and money.”

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