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GREENSBORO, NC–June 11, 2012–TouchPath recently launched its new evacuation and visitor verification solution for state and local correctional facilities.  An initial implementation will occur at a Virginia correctional facility to help keep track of the over 1,000 individuals (consisting of visitors, volunteers, contractors, and employees) that frequent the location.

The TouchPath evacuation and visitor verification solution allows correctional personnel to know the identity and proximate location of an individual in the facility.  Combining biometric fingerprint recognition with radio frequency identification “RFID,” the system adds a layer of security to the facility and ensures that in the case of an emergency evacuation, visitors and contractors can be evacuated safely and accounted for.

Evacuation safety and visitor control is a continuing concern among city and county jails and detention center administrators.  While the number of state inmates experienced a slight decline over the last two years, the number of inmates grew 708% between 1972 and 2008, according to a study conducted by Pew Center on the States.  A high number of inmates mean a higher number of contractors and personnel to maintain these facilities, along with a steady stream of visitors.

“While most facilities maintain a list of everyone entering their facilities, they don’t have adequate technologies in place to automatically inform them of who is left in the building during an evacuation situation,” says Debbie Shropshire, Operations Manager of TouchPath.  In an emergency scenario, serious consequences can result if a facility has to rely on an occupancy list that can be easily misplaced or destroyed, or a person’s memory of where a visitor was last seen.  An RFID-based system can give first responders vital information on where imperiled individuals are located, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of serious injury or loss of life.

Regarding the Virginia correctional facility project, Shropshire says, “Even though the facility is starting small by implementing a solution to track visitors and contractors to ensure their safety, it builds a foundation to expand the solution and its technology.” This includes the facility’s ability to expand this capability to track employees, officers, and equipment.

RFID is not new to an evacuation scenario, as businesses from oil refineries to office buildings have applied this technology over the last few years to ensure the safe evacuation of employees and contractors.

About TouchPath:
TouchPath Software has over a decade of experience developing, implementing and advancing mobile, data collection and RFID solutions, and is now bringing that experience to state and local correctional facilities.

If you would like more information about TouchPath’ solutions and services, please contact Debbie Shropshire at

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