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ERP Integrations

Contact: Debbie Shropshire
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Offers Seamless Transition Between BPCS and SAP

TouchPath announced today that its core software offerings recently obtained formal certification to be used with SAP’s ERP solutions. After 6 months of development and testing, the company met all of SAP’s rigorous certification criteria and can now offer SAP customers the confidence that their products integrate and function effectively within the SAP eco-system of applications.

SAP’s ERP applications are the leading solutions worldwide for managing an organization’s core business functions and information flow. Because of SAP’s strong presence in manufacturing and distribution enterprises that require highly reliable and a well integrated exchange of shop floor, warehouse and field service data through remote devices, TouchPath’s Warehouse Management System and asset tracking solutions are a great fit with SAP.

With the integration now complete and certified, customers of TouchPath can seamlessly migrate from BPCS to SAP without having to learn a new system, train its front-line people or risk delays and organizational disruption. Steve Gibson, Director of Research and Development says, “SAP Certification provides our BPCS customers with the confidence of knowing that if they do choose to switch their current ERP system to SAP, the investment they’ve made in a TouchPath solution remains sound and intact.”

TouchPath customers aren’t alone in receiving the benefit of the new certification. Current SAP users can now more effectively capture and manage inventory and asset data through TouchPath’ software. Debbie Shropshire, Operations Manager at TouchPath says, “SAP allows us to transform a customer’s current data collection processes into SAP compatible processes….while saving the time and effort that would have been required for customizations and retraining of users.”

TouchPath Software has over a decade of experience developing, implementing and advancing mobile, data collection and RFID solutions. For those interested in switching to an SAP system or currently using SAP, TouchPath’ can help with their barcode, RFID, PLC, mobile app and other data-capture technologies.

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