The Disadvantages of RFID Tags


They come in several different sizes, can be small enough to attach to package labels, and modified to make it through certain specifications for merchandise.

The first disadvantage to using RFID software is cost; with a bar code you can produce one for around one pence. At the moment, an RFID tag will cost you more than 12p a piece at the least. Another disadvantage is that while they stand up well to the elements RFID tags can be interfered with by metals and liquids when you are trying to read them. In some cases, they have to be placed in a certain location on different types of product, which can be a little time consuming.

With an RFID tag, you cannot read just one at a time as you can with a bar code. The reader will scan all the tags it picks up in range at once. These types of tags are still being developed so be mindful when you purchase a system it could be obsolete soon, and you are taking a risk. Another disadvantage of using them deals with their programming speed, which takes a lot more time than setting up a barcode.

Despite these disadvantages or limitations, there are still several benefits of RFID tags that must be considered.

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